DMX101 got a complete face lift!

We are fond of easy solutions! DMX101 reflects that just perfectly. We updated our product description and added a quick summary video for you to understand this simple but fantastic 4K60 routing matrix!



Quick summary of DIMAX404K!

We like it simple and easy - just like our integrator partners and end users! Here is a quick overview of DIMAX404K small presentation matrix!

DCATS/DCATR explainer video is available!

DEXON Systems provide high quality HDBaseT compatible Cat5e/Cat6 sender-receiver pair for HDMI signal transmission over long distances. The product provides full HDCP compliant signal transmission and EDID management over a single cable offering simple cabling and clear installation.

DXN5600 detailed product video is available!

Using our all-in-one products, system integrators can minimize the complexity of demanding AV installations.
Why pick DXN5600?

-Windows 10 Desktop to manage the controller
-visualize locally or remotely connected video sources
-run any high-end applications
-display IP streaming information
-controller for special security supervision projects

DXN5600 detailed description and new illustrations are now available!

DXN5600 detailed product description and new illustrations are available now!


✅Hardware implementation

✅Interfaces and signals

✅Industry leading, clever services for the perfect system integration

✅Software system to serve all user requirement


DXN5500 detailed product video is now available!

DXN5500 offers cutting-edge technology to create a comfortable working space in any control rooms where beam projectors are used.
As it works on Windows based platform, any operator will easily be able to control the video wall.

If you check the below video, you will find out all the benefits of the this controller with soft-edge blending services!

DXN5500 Extended Product Description is available!

Are you interested in a video wall controller with soft-edge blending? Find out every detail about DXN5500 with an extended description section along with fantastic illustrations about all services! Let's customize the best AV solution for you with this outstanding video wall controller!

DXN5400 - Explanatory product video is out now

Easy integration and flawless features!
  • Comprehensive DXWall software system
  • Designed and verified for 24/7 operation
  • Real time display
  • PIP4

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